Back in December 2015 in Nancy (France), in a reunion at a soirée, Fernanda Haffner and Émilie Schmidt realized they both wished to connect two opposite and fascinating worlds together: research and art. Both wanted not only to share scientific knowledge, but to marry it with compelling illustrations in a single piece of artwork.
Like in an aha moment filled with laughter and good energy, Esperluette was born.
By the way, in French the name Esperluette means “ampersand” – the ‘&’ symbol – so the magazine represents two different ways of seeing one topic. A pretty important factor in today’s diverse societies, don’t you agree?


Our journal is a free, compact, high-quality publication whose mission is to do outreach about current research being done at Universities across Europe, such as Lund, Malmö, Faro, Luxembourg, Trieste, Strasbourg, Lorraine and others. Why these Universities? Because the project grew wings toward these places thanks to the presence of active ambassadors! Their job is to hunt down stories and promote curiosity about the project. We try our best to allow you to experience the fascinating world of research through our artistically scientific goggles.


So far, we have covered topics in very different disciplines, ranging from chemistry, physics, and biology to geography, literature, forestry engineering, and informatics, among others. Esperluette is only a mesmerizing glimpse into research, yet one that’s crucial to our collective future and a bridge between the scientific and non-scientific communities of these Universities and beyond. 


We are pleased to count among our readership researchers, professors as well as students and other members of the public who are less familiar with science. We were honored to be featured in ChemViews Magazine in 2017.


Thanks for the support and happy reading!