Esperluette is going on holidays… because it is finally summertime in Europe and the crew is up to some sun bathing by the breeze of the Mediterranean coast. I bet you were thinking that the PhD life is a non-stop working nightmare. Wrong picture, dude! Success is all about working hard and efficiently, and as such, resting is the key to sane and positive work progress. Go on vacation and refill your creativity box!

If you, too, decide to go tanning by the beach, don’t forget to protect your skin against the UVA/UVB rays with sunscreen and avoid prolonged exposure. Remember however, that sunrays are essential for the body’s health. Solar UV radiation provides more than 90% of the vitamin D requirements for the majority of the population! And vitamin D insufficiency is related to osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases…Bah! Without sunscreen, the best move would be to enjoy the sun early in the morning because you want vitamin D but not skin cancer!

Respect the sun, your health and have fun.

See you all by the end of August for new scientific endeavours!

Text by Fernanda Haffner

Illustration by Emilie Schmidt