Esperluette & Marie Curie Alumni Association Collaboration

To all our supporters,

Seasons have changed, green leaves have turned orange and then embraced a free fall while birds dance southward in a synchronized migration rhythm. It is in such an ever-changing environment that Esperluette returns to the scene with its original engagement: bringing academic research to the broad public.

Just as our surroundings constantly evolve, Esperluette makes its return with a precious new collaboration. In the days to come, we will be part of the ‘Marie Curie Alumni Association,’ or MCAA for short – an association that fosters the spread of research across continents and calls for action in topics that concern all researchers such as open science, research integrity, and researcher mental health. The association is composed of over thirteen thousand registered members who at one point or another conducted research in leading European institutions funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. MCAA is fueled by diversity, a place where all international brains meet each other in equality, whether they are in engineering, social, environmental or hard sciences. It is in a such a rich and inspirational environment that Esperluette hopes to unleash the curiosity of many more people towards scientific research, whether is conducting it or simply wishing to increase their understanding of complex science topics.

Out there on the horizon, we believe we can keep making a difference with your help, by the simple fact of remaining curious citizens and collaborators. Stay with us, spread the word and be hopeful.

See you in a month for a deep dive in Italian waters around the sensitive topic of plastics and pollution!

Sincerely yours,

The Esperluette team