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Fernanda Haffner

Writer & Editor-in-chief


Fernanda is a Food Engineer with a PhD in Chemistry. Her PhD thesis explored the world of encapsulation of probiotics. She is most passionate about her research on human microbiomes, but it is not only bugs that capture her curiosity. This is, in part, why Esperluette subsists — thanks to Fernanda’s number one rule to never stop exploring.


"Nothing truly valuable can be achieved, except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals.” (A. Einstein)

Diana Hembree

Diana is an award-winning journalist who writes for and whose first love is literature. She has worked as an editor and reporter at places from Time Inc. and the Center for Investigative Reporting to various media startups. She has had a passion for science since age five, when she saw an exhibit on the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, and in college had fun teaching rats how to play soccer using operant conditioning. 

Consultant & Copyediting


Marion Couturier



Marion is currently continuing her studies in the domain of drawing and graphic design at the 'Haut École des Arts du Rhin' in Strasbourg. She got her master's degree in history and still teaches occasionally these days.

Sharing knowledge and finding ways to make it accessible to different audiences has always been an interest of hers. She's glad to be able to put art at the service of Esperluette.

Insta: @marionmcouturier 

Past members:

- Emilie Schmidt (illustrator)
- Luis Rubio (illustrator)
- Laurene Gattuso (illustrator)
- Jeanne Champenois-Masset (designer)